‘The glitter ball has dropped’: Putney youth centre to be demolished

A youth centre in Putney is to be demolished after years of neglect has led to Wandsworth Council deciding to build homes on the site.

Residents of neighbouring Stroud Crescent expressed mixed feelings regarding the once popular Putney Vale Youth Centre giving way to flats.

Wandsworth Council’s report published last week cited a lack of use and the benefits of new homes as grounds for the demolishing.

Katherine Jackson, who has lived in the area for more than 30 years, said: “It’s a shame.

“It used to engage children really well. When we were young it was a focus for the children, including families.

“There would be activities and fairs and they even had roller discos there.

“I think we could use it, as they have taken so many things away from children already. They don’t have much to do these days.”

The report also revealed policy officers were concerned that demand for community use of the centre had not been properly investigated.

The population increase the flats will bring has also caused discontent among residents.

Mr Tzetkov said: “I don’t think it will be better for us because there will be more people, and this parking even now is not enough.”

The 21 new flats will provide homes for people with physical and learning disabilities, as well as for current residents on the estate.

“It was a family. You don’t get that anymore,” said resident Christine Everett.

“The kids were like brothers and sisters, they looked after one another. They went mountain climbing, ice skating, and the centre would put on films for the children.”

The youth centre will be demolished within three years, leaving behind only a trail of fond memories.

Another long-time resident, Mr Goulding, said: “I remember the discos they would put on, but the glitter ball has dropped.

“We’re generally in favour of the development, but in the past they used to have a lot for the children.”

A Wandsworth Council spokesperson said: “Councillors will be meeting to reach a decision later this month and will take all of the views and opinions generated by the consultation into account before making their decision.”

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