Wandsworth Council announce climate summit next week

Wandsworth Council have announced a climate summit as part of London Climate Action Week which will begin on Saturday.

The event will feature talks from a range of guest speakers on topics such as recycling, transport and green spaces.

Vice-President of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust David Lindo, who also goes by the name The Urban Birder, will be hosting a talk on how people can open themselves up to nature, even in urban environments.

Lindo said: “If you live in a city, you are not in a bubble. Just step out the front door and look up. There is this whole world you may not have noticed before.

“You can go to your local park or garden and allow yourself to be immersed by nature, get yourself onto natures wavelength and open your mind to the possibilities.”

Lindo added that making just a few small changes to your garden can transform and benefit the biodiversity of where you live.

He said: “It’s about how nature can benefit from your help. Treat your garden as a mini nature reserve and think about the creatures that might want to use it.

“With you doing that in your area and everyone else doing it, it becomes a mosaic of habitats in London and beyond.”

CREW Energy Chairman Toby Costin will also be speaking at the summit about the low carbon-solutions and energy advice his company offer to the people of London.

He said: “I’m going to be talking about how to ‘green’ your home. Small measures such as LED lights can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

“Government can and will only do so much. It is vital that we as citizens also take some responsibility and adopt the measures we can afford and change habits wherever possible.”

Elsewhere, charity Ashden have this week launched the Go Zero Campaign.

The nationwide operation encourages schools to drive to become carbon zero by 2030 and several schools in London have already signed up.

Go Zero campaign manager Alex Green said: “No matter where you are on your sustainability journey you can sign up. It’s not a commitment, it is about an intention and aspiration, that’s the call to action.”

Further details on Wandsworth Climate Summit 2020 can be found on the council website.

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