A new on-site bar and commitment to low carbon footprint for Kingston’s Park Brewery

By Jack Francklin
November 12 2019, 19.05

The Park Brewery in Kingston will maintain its strong relationship with Richmond Park once its first bar opens in the coming weeks.

The brewery, which was set up in 2014 by Frankie and Josh Kearns, places huge emphasis on sustainability through the crafting of its beers.

Mr and Mrs Kearns founded the brewery shortly after a successful trial period in their own kitchen, and now plan to open an on-site bar.

Mrs Kearns said: “It was scary going into a new adventure as it was a big commitment.

“But it has been brilliant, particularly after the crowd funding campaign last year where we raised enough money to be where we are at the moment.”

Many of the beers are seasonal, whilst it also pursues a low carbon footprint in the production process.

Mr Kearns in particular was inspired by the new wave of beers arriving from across the pond.

Mrs Kearns said: “We got the bug after we tested the beer in a friend’s bar in Clapham and it went really well.”

They started out making an American pale ale called Gallows, which they still make today and is their best seller.

Their beers include the 6% Spankers IPA, whilst their lowest percentage beer, the Killcat IPA, is 3.9%.

They have a strong attachment to the park, where they go to relax with friends and family.

Mrs Kearns said: “Increasingly in the fast pace world we are in, where we are overloaded by messages, there is nothing that beats getting out into the open space.”

Their beers are named after historical references from the park.

The Gallows IPA, for example, is named after the gallows which was located by Kingston Gate.

They have also produced a beer called Tread Lightly, which is made with hops from Epsom.

Tread Lightly is a campaign in the park which has the motto that one takes nothing and leaves nothing.

Mrs Kearns added: “That is what we wanted to echo with this beer in our aim to have a low carbon footprint model.”

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