Feeling thirsty? Three pubs in London worth a visit…

Whether it’s the throat or stomach craving some attention, legs in need of rest or simply to catch a game of football – pubs in London got you covered.

Having one of the highest densities of pubs in the world, London has a myriad of pubs and this article is to help you navigate the endless sea of London pubs.

The Grenadier

Starting the list off with something a bit fancier, The Grenadier was originally an officer’s mess for the senior infantry of the British army. This secluded pub with historic notions is said to have been frequented by both the Duke of Wellington as well as King George IV. In more modern times, other elite clientele has been reported such as visits by Prince William and Madonna. Even though places that hosts this kind of clientele usually have extraordinarily steep prices, The Grenadier remains quite humble in its pricing. One of the most expensive items on the menu, Grenadier Beef Wellington, it’s priced at a reasonable 25£. Besides having both excellent drinks and food, the pub comes with a bit of interesting story as it is said to be haunted.

Ye Olde Mitre

If you manage to find your way to Ye Olde Mitre you’ll soon experience the feeling of having travelled backwards in time. With reports of being constructed as far back as 1546 and official documents supporting that it’s been around since at the very least 1773, this is definitely a pub with history behind it. You should definitely be looking elsewhere if you’d want to catch a game on the telly though, as you won’t be able to find such modernity’s as a television set here.

The Carlsberg Sports Bar at the Empire Casino

Besides having a ridiculously long name, this pub leaves nobody wanting for more if it’s action they crave. Being located at a casino, you’re certain to find all kind of action you’d want here and there’s live action as well. Calling this pub for traditional would definitely be a stretch as the first thing you’ll notice is the huge TV, which actually is a combination of 9 separate TV sets, as well as the modern interior and general feel of the place. Nevertheless, if there is an important game on this place should definitely be on the top of your list of places to potentially enjoy that game at.

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