London fast fashion devotees urged to tackle bulging wardrobes and donate clothing to charity

Dedicated London followers of fast fashion are being urged to tackle their bulging wardrobes and donate clothing left languishing on the rail to charity.

A Barnardo’s study revealed that London ladies have developed a ‘wear it once’ clothing culture and only wear items a handful of times before considering them old.

A detailed survey delved into the fashion habits of women aged 16 and above revealing that the majority of London fashion purchases see the light of day just six times.

Eduardo  Martins, store manager at Barnardo’s off Marylebone High Street, said: “We’re all guilty of wearing an outfit a few times and then forgetting about it, but we were surprised to find the average London woman’s wardrobe has at least seven items that will never be worn again.

“That is why we have launched the nationwide #MyBarnardosDonation campaign to encourage the women of London to donate those unworn items to our stores, which we hope will generate more than £100,000.

“The profits from selling these items will help fund Barnardo’s work with the UK’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.

“So instead of going shopping for another outfit, we’re asking people to put aside an hour to sort through their wardrobe and put those items they no longer wear to good use by donating them to their local Barnardo’s store.”

The study found the average London woman spends £63.40 per month or £760.80 per year on clothes – yet many of these garments are left languishing on the rail, unworn.

And at least 11% of female Londoners own several items of clothing bought within the last year but have never been worn.

Donating clothing won’t only lighten the load of your wardrobe rails but is also good for your wellbeing.

Linda Blair, clinical psychologist and the author of The Key to Calm, said: “Having a clear-out is a great way to help you feel more in control of your wardrobe and your life.

“People think they need lots of clothing, that they need to be surrounded by choices, however psychological research shows that having more choice actually leads to indecisiveness and less satisfaction.

“Why not take a good look at those clothes you no longer want or need, and give whatever you can to Barnardo’s?

“Not only will you feel better, but your donations will make a huge difference to vulnerable children.”

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