COMMENT: We must not blame Russian people for what is happening in Ukraine 

I’ve lost track of how many weeks it’s been since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. 

I’ve lost track of how many Ukrainian and Russian people have been killed. I’ve lost track of how many Ukrainian’s have fled their country. It seems that the numbers just seem to keep on rising and they never stop. 

I’m reminded of another man who was intent on world domination and absolute control when I see Vladimir Putin. The two men have some things in common.

The only differences between these two men are their nationalities and that one proudly wore a Nazi symbol whilst the other took the Nazi symbol and used it as a form of propaganda. Let’s make no mistake, they are one and the same.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t surprising, in fact it was always going to happen, it was obvious. 

We must not blame the Russian people. In Russia, propaganda is rife with no truth being spoken. The Russian people are being conditioned to believe that their dictator is on a mission to free the Ukrainian people from Nazis. 

Those who know the truth and speak up are being silenced. The country lives in a bubble, with its people still believing they are connected to the rest of the world when they aren’t. The Russians I have met have the kindest hearts. Most Russian people who are aware of this war and what is driving it will agree with this. 

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steve michael
steve michael
17 May 2022 9:02 am

Of course we can. People have free will. They can support their government and the mistakes it makes or they can over throw it. Many a Russian has been caught arguing with relatives that what Russia is doing is right. That is it Ukrainians killing Ukrainians. It seems you are not reading or watching the stories being told by people.

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