On the pulse: Second referendum backed by Wimbledon shoppers

Wimbledon shoppers today supported the idea of a second Brexit referendum, in light of Nigel Farage admitting he is close to backing another vote on EU membership.

Mr Farage, the former UKIP leader and key figure in the victorious campaign to leave the EU, claimed on The Wright Stuff he wanted to end the ‘whinging and whining’ of Remain voters.

A ComRes survey showed that 51% of people were opposed to a second referendum, but should there be one, 55% would overturn the decision and vote Remain, the Mirror revealed yesterday

In Wimbledon however, 80% of respondents backed another trip to the polls, with one stating: “As a remain voter I obviously want there to be another referendum but I don’t think it’s right when people say that just because a bus was misleading that all Leave voters were duped.

“I would like to see how people would vote now knowing how the government has handled negotiations so far.”

Not all were in favour, such as Tim, 63, who voted Leave and would do so again in the event of a second referendum.

He said: “I don’t think it’s right. The vote’s been done, we voted to leave and that’s that.”

A French shopper who was unable to vote in the last referendum also welcomed Mr Farage’s words, due to the economic impact Brexit is already having in the UK.

She said: “Brexit will have a huge impact particularly on the young generation, because they cannot move freely anymore.

“An economic recession is coming and people are already leaving the country.”

These findings come on the day Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond called on the UK’s negotiating team to pursue an agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Writing in the Times, Mr Hammond said: “[EFTA] must be seriously considered as a post-Brexit option if we wish to avoid a cliff edge and protect our economy and international standing while keeping all our options open.

“2018 can and must be the year of smart Brexit, not hard Brexit.”

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