Brixton fashion brand launches its first jewellery line


Elenany, which combines British and Islamic design, is launching a jewellery range this month.


By Sandy Dhaliwal

Brixton based fashion label Elenany is launching its first ever jewellery range this month.

The brand, which combines British and Islamic design, has produced a collection of lazer-cut earrings and rings that bare Elenany’s quirky motifs.

Sarah Elenany, 27, from Mitcham, is behind the brand, and draws on her Palestinian and Egyptian heritage to produce contemporary clothing for young people.

She decided to produce the jewellery after a friend asked her to make a pair of earrings using the Elenany graphics. It was then that Ms Elenany saw the potential appeal of an accessories range.

She said: “I’m really excited about the new range. I’ve already had so much great feedback from friends and existing customers who have emailed me to tell me the jewellery range compliments the clothing beautifully.”

The designer started the label in 2009 as she felt there was nothing at the time providing stylish attire for young Muslims.

“It was either very religious or very ethnic,” she said.

“There was nothing readily available that both expressed my British identity and Muslim identity in equal measure, which is what I think Elenany does.”

The clothing line, which includes modestly-cut coats, dresses and jumpers, is designed with universal appeal in mind. While it uses inspiration from Islamic art and culture, the designs are meant to be for anyone to wear.

Ms Elenany explained: “It’s essentially British looking clothing which is made relevant to Muslims by incorporating Islamically inspired graphics into the clothing. Having said that, the graphics to everyone else just look like a nice angular repeat pattern.”

She added: “It’s aimed at independent, confident, expressive people. It’s bold, has strong graphics, colours and shapes.”

Elenany clothing has already been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, The BBC and The Independent. Recently the designer was asked to design new uniforms for The Scouts, and her creations for them will be out next month.

For more information about Elenany see the official website:

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