Lambeth food fund looking for donations after raising almost £75,000

One of the founders of a Lambeth food fund fundraising page is hoping that even more money can be raised to help those in need after raising almost £75,000 for food banks.

Clapham neighbours Will Straw and Emily Wallace opened the page as the first national lockdown was introduced, with the money raised benefitting ten charities across the Lambeth area.

The Lambeth Food Bank Fund has now raised nearly £75,000 and Straw believes that the money raised has helped provide 4,000 food parcels in the nine months since the page was set up. 

He said: “We had the idea in March, very soon after the first lockdown was announced and when the impact of what that would mean for vulnerable families and individuals became clear.

“There were very significant worries about food poverty, and Emily and I felt we might be able to help by setting up a simple crowdfunder that might be able to funnel money to food banks and charities across the borough.

“We spoke to officers at the council and people involved in food poverty and food supply across the borough to create a list of food banks and charities in need.”

The issue of food poverty has become one of major national interest in recent months, in part due to the campaigning of Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, with his efforts providing an extra boost in donations to the GoFundMe page.

Straw said: “Marcus Rashford’s campaign has been absolutely brilliant in shining a light on this issue. He’s done it with such dignity and sensitivity.

“When Rashford intervened in the topic during half term we saw a renewed interest. There was quite a big increase in funding, helping us go from about £60,000 to £75,000 in just the last three weeks.

“We were very pleased to see him highlight Lambeth Council as a borough that has been trying to support people in food poverty, and particularly children during half term.

“The council have been very supportive of the work we’ve done, promoting the fund on their website and social media channels.”

With the country now in a second national lockdown and the issue of food poverty unlikely to disappear any time soon, the fundraising page will stay open for donations.

Straw added: “The longer this pandemic goes on the more people are made redundant or are on reduced hours, and are unable to put food on the table. We’ll keep going so long as the need is there.

“Anyone who is concerned about food poverty can give funding directly through the platform. Every single penny donated through the Lambeth Food Fund finds its way to a charity.”

You can donate here.

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