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We tried KFC’s new breakfast menu so you don’t have to

For years mankind has been debating the age-old dilemma, what came first the chicken or the egg?

KFC have attempted to provide their own answer, by serving them both at the same time in an innovative move that absolutely nobody was asking for: their brand new breakfast menu.

It sounds like the stuff of dreams for the perennially hung-over student looking to recharge for another day of Netflix binging and avoiding responsibilities with the most amount of calories, for as little money as possible.

For the average person though, KFC probably isn’t particularly high on a list of potential breakfast establishments, however chicken for breakfast is a rapidly growing trend worldwide so it would’ve been rude not to go and see what all the fuss is about.


This is what my life had been building up to.

It was written in the stars when I broke free from the shackles of my involuntary childhood vegetarianism ten years ago.

Raised by an animal loving, bacon boycotting mother, I’d never even dreamt of having chicken for breakfast until my teens, so it was time to make up for lost time and take full advantage.

The new menu is only available in ten restaurants in the UK at the moment, including Brixton, and gives you a choice of three things.

The classic bacon roll, a bacon and egg roll or the main event: the Chicken AM.


A bread roll with all the traditional breakfast glory of bacon and egg, accompanied by a slice of cheese and the added novelty of a piece of deep fried chicken breast.

The picture for the Chicken AM looked delicious so naturally I went with that.


What I was given didn’t look quite as appetising as its more desirable, glamorous, less attainable sister that was advertised.

If Kim was on the poster, I was handed the Khloe Kardashian of fast food breakfasts.


It was at this point I nearly got up and walked out, but I was hungry and had an article to write so I persevered.

The burger was dry, dull and disappointing – Colonel ‘Bland’-ers might need to rethink his recipe.


Of course I wanted to get the full, authentic KFC breakfast experience, so I upgraded to a meal for an extra pound, which got me a hash brown and a coffee.

While I’m trying my best to get into coffee to seem more grown up, I opted for a mocha because I’m still a child at heart – hence why I’m eating KFC for breakfast.

It’s branded as ‘Seattle’s best coffee,’ which if true is a real shame for the people of Seattle, because it was hideous.


It remains to be seen whether this is a gimmick that will die out or the beginning of a new trend, as restaurants look to strip McDonalds of the monopoly it has over fast food breakfast.

Keep your eyes peeled as Pizza Hut launches its ‘Pepperoni Pancakes’ and Nando’s start serving ‘PERi-PERi Cornflakes.’

Don’t just take my word for it though, go out and buy your own and suffer through mouthfuls of plain, flavourless torture just like I had to.

I  went to the Victoria station restaurant, which is slightly more expensive, but you can pick yourself up a Chicken AM from the Brixton KFC for just £2.49.

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