Croydon charity highlights importance of anti-slavery day in their fight against human trafficking


Croydon has the 3rd largest sex industry in the UK


By Molly Kersey

Croydon’s 2011 champion charity are hosting a number of events to raise awareness ahead of anti-slavery day, part of their ongoing fight against human trafficking.

Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) will put on a screening of the hard hitting anti-trafficking film ‘Trafficked’, directed by Ciaron O’Connor, to be shown at the Spreadeagle pub in Croydon on Monday 14 October. A night of live music will also take place on Wednesday 16 at Matthew’s Yard.

Both events are part of a wider campaign designed to draw attention to exploitation, helping people in the local area become aware of issues that could be happening right on their doorstep.  

Anti-Slavery Day occurs on Friday 18 and intends to keep modern day slavery in the focus of the public.

“The idea of that is to have a day where it’s fixed into people’s consciousness,” said Anna Arthur, volunteer for CCAT.

CCAT is a voluntary coalition which has been running for six years. Croydon has the 3rd largest sex industry in the UK making the campaigns of the charity, which works closely with the police, all the more important. 

“Human trafficking overlaps with an awful lot of areas like prostitution and pornography,” said Ms Arthur.

Ms Arthur added that it was impossible to estimate exactly how many people are affected with men, women and children all at risk of being trafficked for the purpose of various forms of exploitation such as forced labour, forced illegal activities and even organ harvesting.

“The statistics the Ggvernment has are just the tip of the iceberg” said Ms Arthur. 

However, events like anti-slavery day have had a positive effect in drawing awareness to human trafficking. 

“The public are much better informed. It’s been talked about a lot more in government,” said Ms Arthur. 

Last week, members of CCAT took part in a ‘chained walk’ through Croydon in which they wore black clothes and red chains on their wrists and ankles, and handed out hundreds of leaflets about trafficking.

CCAT also gives talks in schools when their services are requested, using modified and non- explicit material to alert children from Year 8 and upwards to the the dangers of human trafficking.

“It’s about them having an understanding of the issue so they can protect themselves” said Ms Arthur.

For more information call Anna Arthur on 0733221949.

Photo courtesy of A Campaign Designed To Drop Sales, with thanks.

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