Wimbledon Library hosts exhibition to dispel myths about Islam


The Muslim Association was founded in 1889.


By Christine Dorisamy-Pillai

An international Muslim organisation is holding an exhibition at Wimbledon Library to dispel the myths about Islam.

The Muslim Association is an international organisation which was founded in the small Indian town of Qadian in 1889.

They hold exhibitions and talks all over the world to tell people about the true peaceful nature of Islam.

Ehsan Ullah Giny is a member of the group who says that the religion is now undergoing a change after having been misinterpreted in the past.

He said: “We are the true Islam. Every religion loses its essence along the way and needs reviving.”

The group wants to try get of rid some of the negativity surrounding Islam that is often portrayed in the media.

“The term jihad actually means struggle – A struggle with yourself to be a better person and a struggle to help your community,” said Mr Ullah Giny

With branches of the organisation all over the world, the group sometimes has to face struggles of their own.

“In some Muslim countries we are persecuted because they say that we are not true Muslims,” continued Mr Ullah Giny.

“We want to tell people about the true facts of Islam.”

There are also plenty of free information sheets and booklets at the exhibition about the religion and the organisation itself.

People are also encouraged to visit the mosque in Morden which is the biggest mosque in Western Europe.

The exhibition at Wimbledon library finishes tomorrow and more information about the organisation can be found at

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