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Croydon Remix: the final chord as the London Borough of Culture

Croydon Remix marked the end of ‘This is Croydon’, a year-long series of events that celebrated Croydon’s award as the London Borough of Culture for 2023.

This grand finale, held from 22 to 24 March, transformed the Croydon Clocktower and surrounding venues, including Fairfield Halls, into a vibrant hub of music, art, and cultural festivities.

The weekend offered a rich palette of experiences, from interactive celebrations of Croydon’s musical legends and vibrant street carnivals with huge puppets and dance to electrifying street performances showcasing the raw talent within the borough.

Chair and project manager of one of the weekend’s closing events, Kalasetu: Building Cultural Bridges, Lata Desai, said: “We want to build a legacy.

“We want to see that there is a legacy to this London Borough of Culture programme where we can continue with this kind of work.”

The award, introduced by the Mayor of London in 2017, aims to bring Londoners together, spotlighting the cultural diversity of the winning borough and placing culture at the forefront of community development.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “Now, more than ever, there is a pressing need to reach out to our neighbours and celebrate London’s unique and diverse culture.

“London Borough of Culture is a great way to do just that whilst showing the world that our cultural gems extend way beyond the centre of the capital to all corners of the city.”

The event was not merely a celebration but a manifestation of the community’s unity and the cultural vibrancy at its heart.

It importantly shone a spotlight on the future of music with performances by young Croydon composers, alongside gigs from some of the borough’s famed musicians, illuminating Croydon’s significant contributions to the music scene.

As Croydon hands over the title of London Borough of Culture, the legacy of ‘This is Croydon’ will continue to influence and motivate future generations to cherish and contribute to their cultural heritage.

Watch the video below for a firsthand look at Croydon Remix, including highlights and interviews from two standout closing events, Young Croydon Composers and Kalasetu: Building Cultural Bridges.

Young Croydon Composers, where young talents guided by Shri Sriram and Dennis Rollins MBE, and featuring a guest spot by Nadia Rose, blend a variety of musical styles, from Western orchestra to rappers and an Indian classical choir, in a unique performance.

Kalasetu: Building Cultural Bridges, a captivating exploration of the connections between Flamenco and Indian classical music and dance.

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