bags of donations for ukraine

Wandsworth Greek Orthodox Church collecting to send aid to Ukraine

A Greek Orthodox church in Wandsworth is collecting supplies in an attempt to send aid to Ukraine.

Worshippers at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nectarios in Battersea, which is attended by four Ukrainian families and Russians, have been collecting supplies to send to the besieged country.  

Most Ukrainians and Russians are members of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, which has several parts including Ukrainian, Russian and Greek.

The priest of the church, Father Christodoulos, said: “We’re trying to keep a neutral place for people in these challenging times, with not only the Covid-19 pandemic but now what’s happening in Ukraine.

“People do come here from totally different political groups, but we don’t have any problems. There’s no tension.

“We’re giving people here neutral unconditional respite from everything else outside. There has to be somewhere where people can be themselves.

“People have to be able to access what any faith group should give them and hopefully that’s encouragement and hope that we can actually coexist.

“The most important thing is that we learn to live with diversity through unity and unconditional respect.”

The bags of supplies have been given to St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary School in Thornton Heath, Croydon that appealed for donations of things such as clothes, tents and blankets to be sent in by 9am today.

On Sunday Father Christodoulos will also be passing round a tray for financial donations to further support the suffering Ukrainians.

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