Toad-ally awesome! Richmond road closed to save hundreds of migrating toads

A toad block protecting hundreds of migrating toads will be in force in Richmond for nearly two weeks starting today.

The toadworks have been in place at this time of year ever since 2011 to save hundreds of migrating amphibians from being run over by motorists and cyclists.

Volunteers in the Toad Patrol, supported by Richmond Council, help the scheme by collecting toads in buckets and transporting them to their intended destination — a breeding pond in Ham Common.

Toads have a tendency to take the same route back to their breeding pond every year, even if human life stands in their way.

Church Road in Ham will be blocked off from 4pm on Friday March 11 until 10am on Thursday March 24 from Richmond Park to a breeding pond on Ham Common 330ft away.

The toad crossing was originally created when residents reported a large number of toads being killed on Church Road.

It is estimated that each year 20 tonnes of toads are killed attempting to migrate to breeding waters in the UK, and the population of the amphibian in the south east of England has decreased by more than 50% in recent years.

Image courtesy of HerpShots, with thanks

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