MG Motors set to open first London branch in Castelnau


The branch joins others in Harrogate, Doncaster and the North East


By SWLondoner staff 

In this time of economic growth, many companies are testing the proverbial waters as they try to examine the viability of opening or expanding businesses. In South West London, one such expansion will see the popular car manufacturer MG appoint its first dealership in the capital in March.


The new MG Barnes site, which resides in Castelnau, about a mile outside of Hammersmith Bridge, will open in March and will be the first dealership MG has inside the ubiquitous M25.  Originally, the space was taken up by the American Car Centre, a multi-region distribution retailer; the lot is now trading under the name West Motor Company.

Although this South West dealer is to be the first MG dealership in London, it is not the first in the UK. With Branches in Harrogate, Doncaster, and an additional three sites in the North East, this new addition is just one in a number of current expansions across the entire UK territory.

Ambitious Plans from an Ambitious Company

MG are holding nothing back when it comes to their new dealership showrooms, and their quality is only matched by the rate of spaces actually popping up across the country.  With an ambitious seven-car showroom planned, there’s every indication that MG foresee their South West London destination as being their most profitable yet; of course, this would make sense, with over 19 percent of all site traffic to the domain coming from the capital. 

This staggering statistic makes London the city with the highest total number of MG search queries in UK, and therefore it seems logical that MG should be anxious to open the new destination to the waiting public.

High Quality Cars

If you don’t keep up with automotive news, you might be surprised to hear that MG is doing so well, but actually, according to many, the quality of their vehicles is relatively high and the cars are easily upgradable.  One car technician from the area notes: “I’ve driven both cars. The build quality is superb and the value-for-money is quite exceptional, which I don’t think people yet fully appreciate”.  This means that drivers who enjoy luxury alongside the ability to get underneath their cars (- a sturdy jack like the ones from SGS Engineering recommended) should be satisfied.

Now, all we need to do is sit back and wait. There’s no indication that the dealership opening day will be pushed back, and it’s likely that business will be booming, so if you’re in looking for a new car, ensure you get there early.

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