Back Pain Awareness Week comes to Merton


Wimbledon acupuncturist embarks on series of roadshows to highlight the problems of back pain


By David Jamieson and Chris Mandle

Back pain awareness week begins today, and a Merton acupuncturist is offering free consultations.

Experts from Wimbledon Natural Medicine Clinic are hosting roadshows throughout the week, offering advice and solutions to sufferers.

Niall Marshall-Manifold, Doctor of Chiropractic at Wimbledon Natural Medicine Clinic says that it is difficult to make lasting changes to back pain with exercise alone.

“We’re taking part in this initiative to let people know there are other ways to cure back pain,” he said.

“Acupuncture is the best choice of pain relief for people in extreme back pain and those in the third trimester of pregnancy.”

Acupuncture places fine needles in certain points of the body. These stimulate the nerves while encouraging the production of endorphins, naturally occurring painkillers.

The roadshow will include a radiation-free ‘spinal mouse’ which generates a 3D representation of what’s going on under the skin of problem areas.

Chronic back pain affects one in three adults each year and costs an estimated £5.1bn a year in the UK.

Ying Ling, an assistant at Herbal World in Wimbledon, said back pain is a common problem among customers.

“Half of our customers complain of a sore back,” he said. “And people notice a difference after their first visit.”

The roadshow will visit Blacks in Wimbledon on October 15 and October 16 and Virgin Active, South Wimbledon on October 22 and October 23.

For more information email [email protected].

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