Review: A First World Problem @ Theatre 503

theatre 503Who would have thought a pub in Battersea was also home to an intimate theatre, currently showing a new play ‘A First World Problem’?

The play centres around three girls waiting to find out their A level results and whether or not they get into Oxford University.

The story revolves around Hebe, played by Milly Thomas, and her all-girl boarding school education, and you learn very quickly that she isn’t the type of student her teachers wanted to produce.

Hebe abuses herself, bullies her friends and seduces her teacher, as well as keeping a tuck box full of paracetemol, diet pills and porn.

It’s safe to say that with an all female cast, each one of them did a fantastic job of giving the audience a shocking insight into the casual cruelty of female adolescence.

The 90-minutes shattered the stereotype of the upper-class British girl by bringing humour and sadness to the story as the three girls begin to shift from the girl’s dormitory to adulthood. 

As Hebe said: “We’re rich, white, westerners, and we’re girls, of course we’re fucking miserable. The standards are just too high for us to be anything else.”

The play also stars Kate Craggs and Molly Vevers who portrayed Amelia and Lydia – Hebe’s dorm mates – as well as switching between teachers and Hebe’s boyfriend.

All three girls were flawless during this production and you can see how hard they and the production have worked to on the play.

The production is put on by the Fools and Kings Theatre Company and is directed by Holly Race Roughan and designed by Frankie Bradshaw.

The show runs until Saturday July 12 at Theatre 503.

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