Outdoor lounge set up in Roehampton as part of Wandsworth Arts Festival


Activities will include stories, a photo parlour and a fire garden.

By Ryan Bembridge

An outdoor lounge complete with sofas and coffee tables will be set up in Roehampton tomorrow as part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival.

Activities at the lounge, which will run from 1-6pm, include stories spun by the local community, a photo parlour and a fire garden from 9pm.

Children will be able to use special percussive instruments made from second hand objects such as baking trays, pots, pans and plastic bottles.

The activities have been created in collaboration with the Emergency Exit Arts and local residents from around the Alton Estate, such as the Eastwood Children’s Centre.

Bridget Floyer, Project Manager for Emergency Exit Arts, said: “We were really keen to get the locals engaged for Roehampton, and let Roehampton residents create what they want to create.

“I hope that it will be an event that people in Roehampton will talk about.”

The event will also feature as one of six free events at the festival finale known as The Shimmy on the May 19.

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