Royal Family pays tribute to Prince Philip and shows support to The Queen

The Royal Family has been showing its support to the Queen since the death of Prince Philip on Friday.

All three of the Queen’s sons have visited Windsor Castle since the death of Prince Philip yesterday morning, it is unclear whether Princess Anne has visited the castle yet. 

Prince Andrew was the first to arrive at the castle on Friday morning to share his condolences with his mother, the Queen.

On Friday afternoon, Prince Edward visited the castle and paid another visit on Saturday morning with his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

Prince Charles, who has inherited Prince Philip’s titles, was next to arrive at Windsor Castle. He was also the only member of the family who was able to visit Prince Philip whilst he was in hospital last month.

The BBC’s tribute show to Prince Philip included interviews with his children. Charles, the Prince of Wales, said: “I think he’ll probably want to be remembered as an individual in his own right.”

In a pre-recorded interview with ITV, Princess Anne said:  “Without him life will be completely different. But from society’s perspective he was able to keep pace with the kind of technological changes that have such an impact but above all that it’s not about the technology it’s about the people.”

In another pre-recorded interview with ITV, Prince Edward said: “To have someone that you can confide in and smile about things that you perhaps could not in public. To be able to share that is immensely important.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not released an official statement but did retweet the official statement from the Royal Family. They also changed their background image on their Twitter to a portrait of Prince Philip. 

As a mark of respect, Prince William has withdrawn from this weekend’s BAFTA awards coverage. The Duke of Cambridge, who is the president of BAFTA, was due to give a speech via video this Sunday.

Harry and Meghan released a joint statement on their website: “In loving memory of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Thank you for your service…you will be greatly missed.” 

The Queen, who had eight grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren with Prince Philip, is currently in an eight-day mourning period in accordance with royal tradition. Further statements from the family are expected in due course.

Featured image credit: Gabby Clare.

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