Ryan Gosling sets pulses racing at Brixton screening of directorial debut Lost River

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling stepped out in Brixton last night for the premiere of his film Lost River.

Former Dr Who Matt Smith, who stars in the film, joined Gosling to see his directing debut at the Ritzy Cinema.

In a live Q&A at Curzon Cinemas in Chelsea, which followed the screening, the new dad talked about his experience of being a director rather than an actor and his vision for the film he wrote.

He said: “Directing felt like working without a net, I was looking for moments where fantasy and reality would blend.”

Loosely based in Detroit, the fantasy-neo-noir film explores the life of a struggling single mother and her two sons who live in a largely decrepit and abandoned suburb, at times drawing on Gosling’s experiences growing up.

As the story progresses the characters find themselves swept into a dark and alluring underworld as one of the sons discovers a road leading to an underwater ghost town.

The film, which is officially at the cinema released today, also features stars such as Christina Hendricks and Gosling’s current beau Eva Mendes.

Gosling said: “I knew I wanted the film to have fairy-tale feeling because I thought what these families were going through was more universal than just what’s happening in Detroit, and I thought a fairytale aspect would make it more emotionally accessible.”

Featured image courtesy of BBC via YouTube, with thanks

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