ONS reveal Croydon unemployment rates fell by more than 4% in last three years

Unemployment rates in Croydon have reduced by 4.4% in the last three years according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics in November.

At the end of June 2013, 18,900 people in Croydon were unemployed, that figure has now decreased to 10,900 – equivalent to 5.3% of the borough’s population.

The ONS figures give an indication of the success rate of the ‘Croydon Skills and Employment Plan’ at this half-way point since its implementation in 2013.

The plan, which was overseen by then cabinet member for communities and economic development Councillor Vidhi Mohan, sought to raise the skills level in the borough and provide more employment opportunities.

Councillor Mohan said: “This plan is crucial to improve the overall skills and qualifications of Croydon residents.”

He indicated the borough will also work in partnership with potential employers.

He said: “Previously, when employers did engage, the level of ‘excessive bureaucracy’ they faced resulted in higher drop-out rates during subsequent training service delivery.”

Despite this improvement, the borough still has some way to go as other councils in the area have comparatively lower rates of unemployment.

Sutton has the lowest rate of unemployment in south west London at only 4.8%.

Favourable figures were also reported in Wandsworth at 4.9% – a 2.6% improvement since 2013.

A Croydon Job Centre Plus spokesperson said: “We work very hard and have helped many people here.

“We have many schemes like apprenticeships and partnerships with employers which have been really good and make a difference.”

The ‘Croydon Skills and Employment Plan’ forms part of the borough’s ‘Economic Development Strategy’ which seeks to see it become a key economic hub powered by flourishing businesses in creative and cultural industries, public sector and retail employing local workforce.

Figures in London overall have fallen by 3% in the same period.

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