Battersea’s ‘Larry the werewolf’ is looking for a new home – he’s not as scary as his name suggests!

By Phoebe Tatham
November 9 2019, 12.25

‘Larry the Werewolf’ is hoping to bolt out of Battersea’s kennels in time for Christmas having spent more than 300 days looking for a new home.

The four-and-a-half year-old German shepherd cross found himself in the care of Battersea’s Brands Hatch centre late last year after a change in his previous owner’s circumstances.   

Larry has now been at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home nearly nine times longer than the average dog whose typical length of stay lasts no more than 35 days.

Chloe Jackson, canine behaviour and training manager at Battersea, said: “Like all rescues, Larry has plenty of character and has a distinct cheeky side to him.

“He frequently has me laughing whenever we spend time together and he truly is one of a kind.”

Despite what his name might suggest, Larry’s likeness to the much-maligned mythical beast extends only to his outward appearance.

She added: “Being a German Shepherd cross with a big brown fluffy coat, he certainly shares the looks of a werewolf, but this is where the resemblance ends.

“Werewolves might be interested in chasing the moon, but the only thing Larry likes to chase is a tennis ball.”

Larry is seeking enthusiastic new owners who will know how to handle his size, strength and temperament.

Last year, Battersea cared for over 7,000 dogs and cats, with 16 animals arriving at one of their three centres each day.  

Battersea launched its new campaign, Rescue is Our Favourite Breed, earlier last month to celebrate rescue animals like Larry.

Since its foundation in 1860, Battersea has rescued, reunited and rehomed over 3.1 million dogs and cats.

In a bid to further raise awareness about the work of Battersea, the centre will be hosting an evening of Christmas carols at St Luke’s Church in Chelsea.

Guests will be treated to a special guard of honour by some of Battersea’s beloved dogs.

Becky Fisher, rehoming & welfare manager, said: “Our aim is to raise awareness about the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

“We are not funded by the government, so everything we do is down to the public donations that we receive.”

Concerts will be held on Thursday 5 December and Friday 13 December with doors opening at 7pm.

The concert will include special performances including the likes of 18-year-old Katie Marshall, an award-winning soprano and one of the most exciting young artists in the world of classical musical.

Tickets cost £20 for a seat upstairs, or £30 for a seat downstairs.

To ensure the wellbeing and comfort of Battersea’s own animals in attendance, the centre is kindly asking that people do not bring their own dogs to this event.

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