Almost two thirds of US voters think Donald Trump is more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton

Around 130-150 million people are expected to vote in the US presidential election.

Donald Trump is believed to be more trustworthy than Hilary Clinton with 65% of voters stating they have more faith in Trump compared with only 59% saying they trust Clinton more, according to the national exit poll.

Asked what the most important issues were, a huge 52% cited the economy as the most important issue with foreign policy second on 13% and immigration a major issue for 12% of the US public.

A quarter of people claimed they made their choice because they disliked the other candidate.

On the controversial issues that blighted the campaign, a huge 71% said they were bothered by Trump’s treatment of women and 62% said they were bothered by Clinton’s use of emails.

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Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr, with thanks

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