‘Seeing a different side to my family and friends’: Partying politics nuts discuss troublesome Trump voters

Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils say Belushi’s customers in London Bridge.

The American-themed bar hosted a Trump v Clinton election night party where there was overwhelming support for the Democrat.

Kristin Graham, a 32-year-old management consultant from Pittsburgh, said she doesn’t support either candidate in the 45th presidential election.

As an immigrant and a woman she said she couldn’t support Donald Trump so had no choice but to vote for Clinton.

The discussion among the crowd at Belushi’s did not delve into quantifiable fiscal policies, immigration or strategies to tackle climate change.

Instead, the partying politics nuts paraded around in Trump and Clinton masks and enjoyed a traditional game of beer pong.

But PhD candidate Andrew Ehrhardt from New Orleans spoke of the struggle he faced coming to terms with members of this family voting Trump.

He said: “A lot of my family members are Trump supporters, right, which is honestly a hard thing to, to really deal with.”

Andrew said that more people in Louisiana are voting to protect their own economic and social interests rather than voting on moral grounds.

“It’s difficult because you start to see sides of family, friends, and your community that you never thought existed,” he said.

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