‘I’ll see your Brexit and raise you a Trump’: The world reacts to #ElectionDay on Twitter

The world reacted to Donald Trump’s sensational victory in the 2016 US Election on social media with feelings of outrage, disbelief and uncertainty today.

On the final day of a poisonous election campaign, Trump defied the polls to defeat Hillary Clinton in key swing states.

Celebrities have responded to the stunning result with fearful apprehension and utter dismay.

Seth MacFarlane, actor and creator of Family Guy, said: “Some didn’t like Bush. Some didn’t like Obama.

“But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new.”

An emotional Van Jones, political commentator for CNN, said: “This was a rebellion against the elites.

“This was a white lash against a changing country, a white lash against a black president. And that’s the part where the pain comes.”

Parallels have been drawn between the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory.

American-based British actor James Corden simply tweeted: “Brexit feelings.”

Kevin Corke, a White House correspondent for Fox News said: “I’ll see your #Brexit and raise you a #Trump #policitcalinsurrection #ElectionDay.”

On receiving the confirmation of Trump’s unexpected victory, many were surprised by the manner in which he accepted the mandate.

British film producer Ben Winston said: “He actually looks gutted. PR campaign gone too far.”

Middleweight boxer Chris Eubank Jr tweeted his dismay: “Started off as a funny joke and has now become a serious reality #ElectionNight #TrumpWins.”

Richmond comedian Shappi Khorsandi said: “Some voters will be sad he didn’t ride in on a horse, firing a gun with one hand and squeezing a well wishers boob with the other #trumpspeech.”

Many have expressed their shame and disappointment that the world’s superpower has elected a man endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan.

American journalist for NY Daily News Shaun King said: “I am deeply ashamed of my country.

“Our new democratically elected president is a dangerous, unethical white supremacist billionaire.”

Outspoken footballer Joey Barton tweeted: “President Trump. Only in America…”

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn likened the unpredictability of result to that of voting patterns on The X Factor.

He said: “You can’t be surprised that Trump has got in when thousands are voting for Honey G every Saturday.”

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr, with thanks

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