Farage suggests there will be riots on the streets if Trump loses

Nigel Farage has suggested there will be riots on the streets of America if Donald Trump loses the US Election.

Speaking on LBC together with Alex Salmond, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Chuka Umunna ahead of the election results, the UKIP interim leader also said he would like to be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Europe if he wins.

Asked whether he thought Trump would win the election, Farage expressed hesitance after the Brexit referendum upset, but expressed hope for his presidential favourite.

“I learnt a big lesson from the Referendum – don’t try and call an election too early,” he said.

“It’s going to be all about turnout.”

After audio recordings were released of Trump’s lewd comments about women, Farage courted controversy by defending the presidential hopeful’s comments as ‘alpha-male boasting’.

He again called Trump an ‘alpha-male’ on LBC tonight.

Farage said: “Trump is not a Republican candidate, he’s an independent. He’s built a people’s army.”

When questioned on his use of the phrase ‘people’s army’, he said he would probably call them populist movements.

Trump has previously cryptically dubbed himself as ‘Mr Brexit’.

Farage said: “I’m not quite sure what qualifies him as Mr Brexit, but it wasn’t me.”

The UKIP leader has supported Trump throughout his campaign for the presidency, appearing on stage with Trump in Jackson, Mississippi, to discuss Brexit.

He has made comparisons between Trump’s rise in popularity and the ‘silent majority’ of British public who voted for Brexit.

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