Beer pong, booze and boos: Belushi’s London Bridge customers back Hillary Clinton

Boozy Belushi’s customers are backing Hillary Clinton in London Bridge this US election night.

Between rounds of beer pong the pumped-up punters were vocal in their praise for the Democrat.

Eilis from Indiana, a PhD student at Kings College, was the only one in her group of friends who was confident that Clinton would win.

She said: “I’m basing it on the last election, Obama was down in the polls but then won with a landslide, I’m confident now but if Trump wins I’ll deal with it.”

Aaron, a consultant from Chicago, voted for Clinton to take over the White House.

The 30-year-old said: “She would be a horrible president but Donald Trump would be a whole lot worse.”

Greg, 30, and Tom, 33, from London were also pro-Clinton, despite being unable to vote.

Tom said: “This is what we thought with Brexit, remain like Clinton, were up in the polls but look what happened there.”

The pair also pointed out they are both bad candidates and that it’s unbelievable that the most powerful job could go to either one.

Tom said: “What would you do in a situation like that?

“Vote or throw away your vote?

“You need to have all the facts to make a choice but could you make it?”

Unfortunately for Trump, he didn’t have any vocal supporters in Belushi’s.

When the first round of projections came in a chorus of boos broke out for Trump wins, with chants of ‘USA, USA’ for Clinton.

With the final polls due to be declared in the early hours of the morning there is a long and tense night ahead in London Bridge.

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