Axed X Factor singer Katie Coleman vows to pursue music career with London showcase performances

An upcoming singer is being spurred on to showcase her own music across London after being brutally booted off  X Factor last week.

Katie Coleman, who was cruelly axed from the talent show on last Sunday’s Six Chair Challenge, will be performing at various London locations over the next month.

Despite receiving harsh comments from music mogul Simon Cowell the 21-year-old singer described how the whole reality TV experience only emphasised her passion to perform her own original music.

She said: “I’m a musician, I play guitar and I love live bands and I want to pursue my music career how I was doing.

“The X Factor don’t just spoon feed you, they force feed you with everything song-wise so you lose that artistry a little bit.”

The first of Katie’s showcase performances is an intimate acoustic show at The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar in Fitzrovia on October 13.

The Darlington musician will also be performing at Musique’s ‘Birthday Bash’ at The Drury Club on October 22 alongside fellow X Factor rejects, 21-year-old Mason Noise and 29-year-old South-London R&B singer, Nathan Fagan Gayle.

Katie Coleman X Factor portrait co MaDa MusicSTARLET: Katie vows to pursue her music career following last Sunday’s disappointment

After these October performances and the release of a brand new track on SoundCloud in November, the prolific songwriter is also hoping to perform to young people in schools and in more locations across London, including Brixton.

Katie said: “Eventually when my music is finished I would love to perform in Brixton as there are a couple of cool venues there.

“I’m definitely going to be doing a London showcase with my new music.”

Since being axed from The X Factor Katie has also gained a zealous clan of fans known as the ‘Colmanites’ and she hopes her new tunes will tug on her fans’ heartstrings.

She told us: “My new material is really relatable and it’s easy to understand, it’s just me – it’s my real experiences, thoughts and feelings that go into it.”

“When I was younger the first song I wrote was about my brother.

“I was nine when I wrote the song and I kind of realised that anything I go through in my life, whether it’s a crisis, whether I’m really happy, or I don’t know how I’m feeling I tend to write songs.”

Katie has sung vocals on the title track of Tinchy Stryder’s new album Misunderstood, and she is hoping to collaborate with the likes of English rapper Plan B and Thornton Heath’s Krept and Konan in the future.

Pictures courtesy of MaDa Music, with thanks

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