Street Sign Takeover travels across London as parents raise awareness of air pollution from traffic

By Lucas Hill-Paul
September 9 2019, 18.45

Islington mother Lucy Kane and her two children took to their local streets on Saturday as part of the Air Team’s campaign for clean air around London.

To raise awareness for the harmful emissions produced by London cars, Mrs Kane placed stickers over the street signs for Canonbury Road and Liverpool Road.

By focusing on areas around schools, the protest hopes to warn parents of the danger of children walking close to congestion-heavy roads on the walk to and from school.

Mrs Kane said: “My son has wheeze, and on days that we have to walk through that his wheezing will be worse at night.

“By putting stickers on the street signs outside schools it really highlights the message that this is what the kids are walking through.”

Not only are children’s developing lungs more at risk from harmful emissions, but their shorter height means they are more exposed to the toxic carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides emitted from vehicle exhaust pipes.

The Street Sign Takeover began in Herne Hill and Dulwich village, and has since moved to areas across the entire capital city.

The Air Team has now already spread the campaign from London to Leeds, with further plans to expand operations.

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