‘We need a revolution!’ Russell Brand surprises crafty campaigners at V&A workshop

Russell Brand shocked a group of crafty campaigners by dropping into their V&A workshop last Sunday… just as they were packing up.

The controversial comedian, actor and political activist missed the Craftivist Collective workshop, led by founder Sarah Corbett, when he visited the museum with his mum.

Sarah explained that the Despicable Me star dropped his brash persona and was a very quiet and thoughtful visitor.

Russell Brand sarah corbett craftivist collective v&a chat

She told SW Londoner: “Everyone attending the workshop had left so there was just me and the volunteers left tidying up.

“When he walked in I said, ‘You missed it man!’ but I showed him what we do and he had lots of questions about our mini protest banners and read through the book I gave him.

“I really don’t like public displays of affection so I felt a bit awkward when put his arms around me!”

Russell Brand sarah corbett craftivist collective v&a

While the rakish star admired the mini protest banner kits his mum chatted to the volunteers about the clothing industry.

Sarah said: “His mum was lovely and really knows her stuff.”

No stranger to courting courtesy Brand, who took away his own project kit, said that the country was in need of change.

Sarah explained: “He was looking at the posters we’d put up and said ‘this is a good thing – we need a revolution!’

“I argued that instead of revolution what we needed was evolution which is small and beautiful rather than big and brash.

“He smiled and nodded at that.”

russell brand sarah corbett chat 2

Despite being initially star-struck at meeting the flamboyantly-dressed comedian she chatted openly to him about his controversial political antics.

She said: “I told him ‘I think it’s really good that you provoke people to think about politics – I don’t always agree with you but it’s great you get people talking’.”

Both Brand and his mum spent 15 minutes chatting to the volunteers at the free workshop linked to the Disobedient Objects at the V&A exhibition before heading to the cinema to watch British comedy Pride.

For more information about Craftivist Collective’s mini protest banners click here.

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