Voters not softening to hard Brexit in Streatham as tensions over EU membership run high

A strong anti-Brexit sentiment emerged from pro-Remain borough Lambeth’s general election results this morning.

Chuka Umunna stormed to victory this morning in Streatham, securing 26,000 more votes than his Conservative rival, Kim Caddy.

Opposition to Tory cuts in schools and the NHS, as well as criticism of Brexit were lauded as the reasons for Labour’s striking performance.

Lambeth voted 78% remain in last year’s EU referendum, and voters still appeared to be strongly pro-remain, as UKIP candidate Robert Stephenson was resoundingly rejected by Streatham with a paltry 349 votes.

Prior to the result announcement, Streatham’s Tory candidate Kim Caddy had said: “I was a remainer, but I think we need to get the best deal possible out of Europe and I think Theresa May is the best placed to do that.”

Ms Caddy’s performance in this year’s race was underwhelming as she lost more than 1,000 votes on her 2015 campaign, totalling 11,927 votes.

Following the Labour party’s national success, Mr Umunna said: “We have thwarted attempts for a hard Brexit.

“Theresa May wanted a personal mandate to pursue a dreadful job-destroying Brexit and she’s been denied that and I’m absolutely delighted.”

Despite Brexit being a sticking point for voters in Lambeth, Labour’s success was also attributed to its opposition to cuts in school funding and the NHS.

Mr Umunna blamed Tory policy for limiting social mobility in the borough, which turned voters against the majority party.

“We have deep-rooted challenges too which have been exacerbated by seven years of Conservative failure and austerity.

“This has caused appalling pain and suffering among the most vulnerable people here in Streatham and around the country.”

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