Review: Sister Act @ New Wimbledon Theatre


Sister Act brings clever lyrics, stratospheric tunes and laugh out loud comedy to the New Wimbledon Theatre.


By Robert Edwards

What a song and dance. Sister Act brings clever lyrics, stratospheric tunes, and laugh out loud comedy to the New Wimbledon Theatre’s starstruck audience. 

The story follows Philadelphia lounge singer, Delores Van Cartier, played by rising star Cynthia Erivo, who witnesses a gangland murder by mobster boyfriend, Curtis, the debonair, gravel toned villain played by Cavin Cornwall.  

The singer’s life takes an unexpected turn when under the protection of romantically inept cop, Eddie Souther (Edward Baruwa), she is thrown into the care of highly-strung nun, Mother Superior (Denise Black).

When caught leaving the convent to go to a bar, Delores is ordered to join the choir, only to breath new life into the struggling congregation.  

The swingin’ singin’ sisters are a hit in the neighbourhood, but Delores’ soul singing fame helps Curtis and his henchmen track her down.

The New Wimbledon’s stage is magnificently utilized, portraying the epic backdrop of the convent drenched in kaleidoscopic stained-glass lighting.  

With remarkable wordplay, the score is faultless and diverse. “The Life I Never Led” sung by Sister Mary Robert (Julie Atherton) and the twisted lyrics of mobster Curtis, “When I Find My Baby,” exemplify a range from the poignant to the hilarious. 

Henchmen Joey (Daniel Stockton), Pablo (Gavin Alex) and TJ (Tyrone Huntley) deservingly earn the audiences’ affection with their endearing, haphazard capers. 

Denise Black delivers a suitably dry wit clashing fabulously with the effervescence of Cynthia Erivo and Michael Starke’s warmth and bombast as preacher Monsignor O’Hara. 

This mesmerising 70s disco musical is not quite ‘feel-good’ – it’s ‘feel-fabulous.’  

“Sister Act has a strong message,” said Coronation Street star, Denise Black. “It’s about learning to change. It’s about joy, tolerance and love.” Amen. 

Visit for information and tickets. The show runs until Saturday 16 June at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

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