East Putney Station

Fleur Anderson launches campaign for step-free access at East Putney Station

Fleur Anderson has launched a petition aimed at gaining step-free access for East Putney Station.

Anderson, MP for Southfields, Putney and Roehampton, claimed step-free access for the station has been one of her major priorities since becoming an MP in 2019.

Anderson recently held talks with Seb Dance, Deputy of Mayor of London for Transport, who has said the programme will return later this year.

The Labour MP said: “What we’re campaigning about here is to show the public support for East Putney being considered in that programme.

“I want to make sure that East Putney is top of the list. I know a lots of people who are mums with buggies, parents with mobility issues who are unable to use their local station.

“It affects so many people of all different ages, of all different backgrounds.”

Anderson held a debate in Parliament in March 2020 to discuss the issue but the pandemic led to the programme being put on hold.

The launch of this latest campaign came outside the station this morning.

The MP has worked closely with Finna Ayres, an 81-year-old who became a Labour councillor in May.

Ayres said: “Some of my friends won’t come here, they are forced to go to Putney rail station or get a taxi from Wimbledon.

“Most of the time I’m up here, I’m helping a poor woman with her pram up the steps.”

East Putney resident Janet is also concerned about the current situation.

She said: “We haven’t got enough access for wheelchairs. A couple of men have said to me that their pregnant wives have been unable to get up the stairs.

“We’re hoping to get enough of a response.”

TFL (Transport for London) will assess all the prospective stations as part of the programme in the summer and an announcement won’t be made until later in the year.

Any planned future work will not commence until 2024 at the very least.

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