On the pulse: Should more be done to improve diversity this awards season?

The lack of diversity of nominees at this season’s awards shows was raised by Joaquin Phoenix, Rebel Wilson and BAFTA president Prince William at last week’s ceremony.

Today’s Oscars has come under scrutiny for the top categories being dominated by white actors.

We took to the streets of Kingston and asked people their opinion on the diversity at the Oscars.

Should the Oscars do more to promote diversity in the awards season?

90% Yes 10% No

ON HER MIND: Shirley says panels need to be more diverse

Shirley Boyden, 56, an image consultant, said: “The awards companies need to have a more diverse panel looking at the nominees.

“Having seen the BAFTAs where Joaquin Phoenix spoke about the diversity issue it has definitely raised it in my mind.”

Whereas, Saskia, 23, a shop assistant, said: “I watched the BAFTAs the other day and I thought that was quite diverse.”

CHANGE IS NEEDED: Hannah (right) agrees that judging panels should be more diverse

Receptionist Hannah, 20, said: “I think there should be a more diverse panel picking the nominees which would hopefully lead to more inclusivity.”

Image by analogicus from Pixabay.

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