Positively Putney BID balloting for second term

Positively Putney Business Improvement District (BID) is currently balloting for its second term representing and supporting Putney businesses.

On November 11, the BID will find out if businesses ruled it will carry on with another five-year term beginning in April 2022, or if its activities will end.

A Business Improvement District leads development projects in an area, funded by a levy on participating businesses.

Positively Putney has been active since 2017, liaising with businesses and the council, and working on a range of inititiatives to address issues in the town centre and its events, such as the annual Boat Race.

South West Londoner caught up with Positively Putney’s executive director, Nicola Grant, to review its first term and talk about its future.

POSITIVELY PUTNEY: Nicola Grant, executive director of the BID, talks to SWL about the group’s attempts to ballot for a second term

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