Burglars beware: Operation Bumblebee continues to help stop crime in Lambeth


Residential burglarly usually increases in the dark winter months.

By Chidi Ogundu

Operation Bumblebee is continuing to tackle burglars in South West London who are using the early winter nights as cover to rob houses.

This year, residential burglary is down by 7.4%, but generally there is a spike in robberies between September to December.

In Lambeth, there were 213 residential burglaries in August, increasing to 246 in September.

The Met are using new methods to catch burglars such as ‘Area Bumblebee Teams,’ made up of experienced and specialised officers, to detect where burglars are most likely to strike.  

“Burglary is a distressing crime that can have lasting emotional effects on the victims,” said Commander Simon Letchford, leader for Operation Bumblebee.

“We want people to feel safe in their homes and in their communities.”

A Met Police spokesperson, said: “We are using new technology to its best by using crime maps and computer technology to predict where crime is taking place.”

Police advise Londoners to lock doors, windows, sheds or garages when going out, and keep valuables out of site. 

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Police, with thanks.

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