‘There’s that lady you don’t like!’ SW London parents embarrassed by kids 576 times during school years

Parents are regularly being left red faced by their children who make inappropriate comments, repeat swear words and comments on their parents’ waistlines.

The research by George at Asda revealed that the average child will embarrass their parents a staggering 576 times during their school years.

The survey revealed one little girl informing her doctor that ‘mummy takes medicine too – it’s called Malibu’ while another toe-curling incident involved a child pointing at a neighbour in the street announcing ‘there’s that strange women you don’t like’.

One of the frankest comments came from one tot who warned her grandparents ‘you’re going to die soon’.

And south west London parents are not immune from their youngsters’ charms.

Peeing in inappropriate places ranked highly in the survey, and is something that Wimbledon mum Rose experienced this summer.

Her five-year-old son announced he needed the loo while they were in Cannizaro Park.

“Before I could do anything, he decided to go right there and then,” she admitted.

Claire Duncan from Morden had a harrowing experience in the ladies loos when her son exclaimed in a loud voice: ‘Mummy’s done a big poo’.

She explained: “I then felt the need to deny this entirely false allegation to everyone else who was using the facilities!”

A Kidswear at George spokesman said: “While parents are regularly being left red-faced by their children, the chances are they are left with funny memories.

“Parenting doesn’t come without challenges but they always leave a lasting memory to reminisce on years down the line.

“We’re sure the list of embarrassing situations will put a smile on the faces of many – and positive many will have committed these acts themselves when they were younger.

“But as long as mum and dad are prepared for a little humiliation once in a while, they’re sure to have a great time being a parent.”

Image courtesy of Asda/Digital Hub via YouTube, with thanks

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