Returning Putney MP Justine Greening lays out plans for improved transport and ‘levelled-up Britain’

Justine Greening, who regained Putney for the Conservatives with an impressive 23.8% majority, has laid out her vision of a ‘levelled-up Britain’ with increase social mobility.

She believes transport and increasing job availability should be the focus of her next course of action for the area.

She said: “We need to support young people to get jobs.

“In 2005 when I was first elected it was with a very small majority so I’m truly humbled to have been returned with 53 percent of the votes of local people this evening.”

Ms Greening, who has been Putney MP since 2005, made transport one of the key issues in the lead up to the election and now wants to make good on her promises.

Regeneration of East Putney tube station and Putney station have been projects close to her constituents hearts as they look for easier journeys through the area.

“I’ve got to make sure that we get the rest of those District Line trains so much better than they were before,” she said.

“I want to make sure that the signaling that’s planned happens on our stretch of the line sooner rather than later because that will be the next big thing, improved journeys and improved reliability.

“We also need to get our overland service improved and get more capacity on that, making sure that happens and the works in Putney station gets finished off.”

She claimed that the regeneration work in Roehampton was of particular importance and the local community that live there.

“We’ve got some amazing open spaces and people are concerned about air traffic noise overhead.

“So it’s about keeping the good things that we have in our community and working also to protect our local economy and help local shops do better.

“Then finally, of course, it’s about protecting our quality of life.”

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