Green Party leader starts the fight for ‘drastic’ electoral reform as they gain only one seat from one million votes

The Green Party is leading the calls for electoral reform after winning a record number of one million votes yet only securing one seat.

Comparatively the Conservatives secured more than 11million votes and gaining 327 seats.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said: “The fight for a fairer, more democratic voting system begins today.”

Caroline Lucas secured her seat in Brighton Pavilion increasing the majority of votes by 11%.

Party candidates Esther Obiri-Darko (Tooting) and Christopher Poole (Putney) echoed Ms Bennett’s sentiments in their declaration speeches.

Mr Poole said: “I hope we can continue to make waves in British politics.

“The conversation for us will now immediately turn to reforming our electoral system and making it a properly fair system where people’s votes don’t get wasted.”

Ms Obiri-Darko said: “It’s definitely time for us to start thinking about electoral reform, proportional representation.

“We are a diverse community and our government needs to reflect this diversity.”

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, who lost his seat in South Thanet and resigned as party leader, also called for drastic electoral modification.

More than 3million people voted for the UK Independence Party but they will only have one or two MPs.

Mr Farage described the current first past the post voting system as ‘bankrupt’.

He believes that with reform British politics would be ‘more open, more honest and we would see some real, real debate’.

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