General Election 2015: Kingston and Surbiton UKIP candidate ‘this is my first election and it won’t be my last!’

Kingston and Surbiton UKIP candidate Ben Roberts hopes to treble his party’s vote share from last time around, to around seven or eight percent.

The ex-primary teacher admitted the result was difficult to gauge, but he relished the chance to contribute towards UKIP’s national performance.

“I’m 29 years old, it’s my first parliamentary campaign and I’ve absolutely loved it,” he said.

“Getting out and talking to people at the doors has been brilliant.”

When Mr Roberts – an avid Chelsea fan – was asked to decide between having Gareth Bale at The Bridge or Nigel Farage in Parliament, his choice was clear.

“Nigel Farage in his seat – one hundred percent! Parliament will be brighter for his presence.”

With the party gaining strength in at least three seats nationwide, Mr Roberts said he looked forward to many more years of UKIP success.

“This is my first election and it won’t be my last,” he reiterated.

Results from Kingston & Surbiton are expected in the next hour.

In 2010, UKIP bagged 1,450 votes (a 2.5% share), but lost to the Liberal Democrats.

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