General Election 2015: Conservative Ellison takes Battersea with 5% increase in share of vote

Conservative candidate Jane Ellison has been re-elected as Battersea MP with a 5% increase in the share of the vote and 7,938 majority.

The seat, which had a 67.1% turnout, saw the Secretary of State for Public Health win 26,730 votes while Labour’s Will Martindale won 18, 792 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Luke Taylor secured 2, 241 votes, a decrease of nearly 5,000 on five years ago.

Ellison won the seat from Labour five years ago and a recent Lord Ashcroft poll showed her having a commanding advantage this time around – with the constituency at the bottom of Ed Miliband’s target list.

She said: “I said in 2010 when I was elected that it was the greatest honour of my life and it remains the greatest honour of my life to serve the magnificent constituency of Battersea and particularly to be re-elected with an increased majority.

“I would like to congratulate the other candidates and in particular Will Martindale who fought such a good campaign.

“I am delighted that we will have the opportunity to serve this constituency again.

“It is early in this election night but it looks as if the UK is choosing confidence over chaos and that it is backing a team that has got the country back on track and that has got the country moving back in the right direction.

“Locally I fully commit myself to continue to work on all the priorities I set out and also in the role I have played in ending female genital mutilation.

“That was a campaign that started here in Battersea but thanks to the help of wonderful women like Justine Greening, it is now being fought across the globe.

“Thank you all once again, I pledge to serve the consitituency in a practical and positive way. Thank you all so much for doing me the honour of being re-elected.”

Asked to comment on the performance, Mr Martindale told SW Londoner: “Sorry, no way.”

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