Croydon South’s Class War candidate savages victorious Tory rival

While Conservative candidate Chris Philp celebrates this morning’s victory in South Croydon, Class War rival Jonathan Bigger had a less rosy view on events.

Mr Bigger, who was put up as a candidate for the controversial Class War party, won only 65 votes compared to Mr Philp’s 31,448.

He began his speech with an aside on the Metropolitan Police, who he claimed had stuck a friend of his with ‘trumped up charges’.

With that out the way, he slammed Mr Philp’s policies and questioned the persistent presence of the Conservatives in government.

He said: “The Tories keep losing general election after general election but we seem to be stuck with them, it’s absolutely scandalous.

“We know every single time they get in that we see a tax on the poorest people in society.”

He went on to attack Mr Philp for his involvement in legislation which he said was killing people, though he did not discuss details.

He said: “People will die because this man here voted for legislation that will see people committing suicide.

“The policies of the Tories are murderous.

“If the Tories try to form a government this country needs to mobilise onto the streets.

“We need to wreck everything they plan to do.”

Class War was set up in 1982 as a populist anarchist newspaper, which morphed into the combative class struggle party some know today.

No strangers to controversial members, their Westminster candidate Adam Clifford, appeared on Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics programme sporting lipstick, a blonde wig and high heeled boots.

Liberal Democrat candidate Gill Hickson felt that his claims of murder were more than a little exaggerated.

She said: “I think the only people being murdered are the Lib Dems.”

However she remained optimistic that the last had not been heard from her party, she said: “We are injured but we will be back.”

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