Croydon North Conservative candidate vows to continue fight despite predicted loss to Labour

Croydon North Conservative candidate Vidhi Mohan said he is more motivated than before the campaign, despite competing in a Labour stronghold. 

Mr Mohan said the election was a challenge for the Conservatives but he believes that the party’s core message has gone through and will show in the national results.

Mr Mohan is hoping Steve Reed, the Labour candidate, will fight for the issues the people of Croydon want but he remains concerned that Mr Reed will be more interested in pursuing his own ministerial career.

“I’m looking at the national result and the exit poll and I’m feeling really good because it looks like our message around the strong economy and jobs,” he said.

“Even if I lose I’m not going to leave Croydon I’m going to be here. I’m even more motivated than I was before the campaign.”

Mr Reed commented that he is delighted to see that Mr Mohan is confident that there will be a Labour government.

The Green party candidate, Shasha Khan, said: “We’re a small party with minimal resources and I practically have to be doing a lot of roles.”

Joanna Corbin, the Liberal Democrat candidate said she was feeling nervous but that there was a lot of support for all parties.

In the last General Election in 2010, Malcolm Wicks, the Labour candidate, won with 56% followed by a 24.1% of the Conservative candidate, Jason Hadden.

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