Wandsworth women’s community group supply food for the elderly

A women’s community group from Wandsworth have been delivering food to the elderly for over a year in Battersea through the global pandemic.

Women of Wandsworth were running fortnightly intergenerational lunches but due to the pandemic, switched to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to the elderly in John Kirk and Haven Lodges for 54 weeks.

The group’s efforts have contributed to the fact that none of the residents have died since the pandemic started.

Senia Dedic, 56, founder and chair of Women of Wandsworth, said: “We have been serving the food and non-perishables for 54 weeks and no one has died. That is my biggest success that I wanted to achieve – that all of them would still be alive. 

“It is lovely to see that all our residents are healthy and now vaccinated.”

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD: Deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruits to the elderly in John Kirk and Haven Lodges

Foods delivered include fresh carrots, bell peppers, rice, eggs, potatoes, melons, and canned soups.

With many of the elderly self-isolating, and unable to leave their rooms, these deliveries have been essential. 

She said: “The first thing they said when we came was: ‘Thank you so much, you are our lifeline.’

“If they know they can count on you, that’s what they really like. If no one comes they know I will come.

“They were even helping with the boxes and we insisted they shouldn’t as they were elderly.”

The elderly living at the Battersea-based lodges were also giving a hand with the deliveries

Now the elderly have been vaccinated they have been able to reunite with Senia. 

The Battersea resident of 26 years created the community group as a parent forum in 2007 to support fellow parents dealing with a number of problems relating from their children’s disabilities to their finances.

Over the past 10 years, creating inter-generational connections has also become a fundamental part of what they do. 

All pictures credited to Senia Dedic

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