Haircuts to health checks: Battersea barber wins Mayor of Wandsworth badge for unique initiative

A Battersea barber’s unique initiative of combining health checks and haircuts has earned him a Mayor of Wandsworth’s badge.

Franklin Taylor, of Bliss Barbers, Lavender Hill, introduced a pilot project in December with the council’s public health team to provide health checks alongside haircuts.

As well as with giving regulars the usual short, back and sides there is a nurse on hand in the barbers to chat to men about their health.

The scheme has proven popular with residents in the area and Mr Taylor is delighted to help the community.

“Customers have responded really well and it’s added real value to my business,” he said.

“We guys don’t really care for ourselves, so while men are sitting in the barber’s chair this is a good chance to chat to them about how they feel on the inside, as well as what they look like on the outside.”

The mayor, Cllr Nicola Nardelli, said: “It was my pleasure to visit Frank at his shop and present him with his badge.

“This is a great scheme that makes health checks convenient and accessible by providing them right in the heart of the community.”

The nurse will also carry out checks such as blood pressure levels and refer people on to their GP or council healthy lifestyle services such as weight management or the Stop Smoking Service when appropriate.

The council and the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group are exploring how best to continue and expand the project in the coming year.

Image courtesy of Wandsworth Council, with thanks

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