A tree-t fit for a Queen: Schoolchildren and MP plant trees for Queen’s 90th in Putney

Commemorative tulip trees were planted by schoolchildren in Wandsworth Park to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday last week.

MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields Justine Greening joined children from The Roche School and Brandlehow School to plant two tulip trees, marking the end of National Tree Week.

The planting was jointly organised by The Friends of Wandsworth Park and The Putney Society, who came together for the first time to celebrate the monarch.

“It’s very important for health and wellbeing that we maintain parks and it’s very significant that we can do things like this that make a difference,” said Friends of Wandsworth Park chair Pat Gross.

“There’re many more things we want to do and our council have been very supportive, so we’re very excited about that.”

Ms Gross added that National Tree Week had been a fantastic way to engage children with nature, using activities like hanging wishes on a tree and bark rubbing.


Secretary of State for Education Ms Greening discussed the importance of involving children in events focused on the community.

She said: “Hopefully the trees will still be here in 90 years and it’s a really good way of remembering what’s been a fantastic year for our monarchy and the Queen.”


The Putney Society began planning the tree planting earlier this year before seeking advice from the Kew Gardens arboriculturalist, who suggested tulip trees would be the perfect choice to commemorate such an important birthday.

The Putney Society Open Spaces panel convenor and vice-chairman John Horrocks said: “We’ve had a very happy morning with all these children and our MP helping to plant these two trees, which will grow to be enormous.”


The park currently contains trees planted almost 100 years ago, with these new trees expected to sprout tulip-like leaves.

Map courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks

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