Londoners seek changing room ‘selfie esteem’ approval from friends before buying clothes, reveals survey

Fashion conscious Londoners admit to needing approval on social media before splashing their cash on clothing.

Three in five women said they needed more than two ‘likes’ with men looking for four thumbs up from their mates before buying.

The study, by social shopping site, revealed that having a group of six stylish friends to call upon via instant messages and social media to ‘like’ their choices from the changing room is key to making the right purchases.

Behavioural psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos said: “These results are unsurprising as, although online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, many of us still rely on our friends’ approval when purchasing new clothes or accessories.

“The ease of being able to share a visual representation of the look or style we’re trying to achieve makes it not only easier to reach out for validation, but indeed it also fits in with the norms of social networking where acceptance of our choices is actively sought out.”

Even once the cash has been handed over two in five Brits have confessed to binning a previously purchased outfit that got fewer than ten likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Their research also uncovered that generally women wear the fashion trousers in British household.

A quarter of the nation’s men have admitted to changing their fashion style to fit in with their partner’s wishes.

And if their other half’s style doesn’t pass muster 38% of women admitted to throwing away fashion faux pas into the bin without them knowing with 11% going one stage further by putting them in the wrong wash on purpose.

Picture courtesy of Sally, with thanks

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