Schoolboy’s joy after hug from Murray following his Olympic win at Wimbledon


A schoolboy described the moment he hugged Andy Murray at Wimbledon’s Centre Court as ‘cool’.


By Emily Ansell

An 11-year-old schoolboy has described the moment he hugged Andy Murray at Wimbledon’s Centre Court as ‘cool’.

Cheeky Henry Woods Caplan won the nation’s heart after rushing down from the dizzy heights of row Z to grab a quick hug from Andy Murray just seconds after he won the Olympic gold on August 5.

Henry lives in Hertfordshire with his mum Victoria Woods and nine-year-old brother Alexander, but travelled to Wimbledon to see the tennis star in action.

The magical moment between Henry and Murray was captured on the big screens and broadcast across the world.

Henry said: “I started crying as soon as I saw Murray win. Before I knew it, I was racing down to see him and asked for a hug.

“Andy said, ‘anything for a fan’ before he hugged me. It was so cool and I will always remember it.”

Henry’s mum Victoria explained that he is a massive fan of Murray and is a very excitable child.

She added: “Henry is a very demonstrative boy and I am not at all surprised he managed to make his way through the crowd so quickly. If anyone can get through a crowd to hug their hero it’s my Henry.”

The youngster is a keen tennis supporter and enjoys a range of sports and activities with his local scout group in Hertfordshire.

Victoria commented: “Henry is a very active little boy and knows the names of all the tennis players. He is a big Andy Murray fan but also loves Roger Federer.

“I think Henry has shown the softer side of Andy Murray. I’m so proud that my little boy has touched the nation.”

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