Wimbledon jockeys for position among Britain’s booziest sporting socials

Brits have always been associated with drinking.

In medieval times ale or mead was preferred because water was unsanitary, and now a casual pint or two after work is seen as the ideal relaxant.

Nothing symbolises British drinking more than how we carry ourselves abroad, whether it’s getting “raga in Maga” or rowdy fans at football matches abroad.

But on home soil it is sporting events that take centre stage as Britain’s booziest socials.

In the summer months of June and July the three most prestigious events have to be Royal Ascot, the Henley Royal Regatta and the Wimbledon Championships; but which is the booziest?

The three types of tipple in the spotlight is champagne, Pimm’s and a good old-fashioned pint of beer.

Royal Ascot

The most famous British horse racing event, behind the grand national, takes place between the June 20 and June 24 each year.

For a five-day event they sure do serve up a considerable amount of booze, maybe it’s to encourage an extra bet or two from the punters.

A total of 51,000 bottles of champagne are uncorked, but it’s not just the bubbly that’s getting around.

160,000 glasses of Pimm’s and 131,000 pints of beer are also poured, making Royal Ascot by far the booziest in an alcohol served per day of event ratio.

Henley Royal Regatta

Set along the banks of the River Thames, deep in Oxfordshire, the town of Henley-on-Thames hosts probably the most prestigious event in the British sporting social calendar.

Here, they are relatively conservative in their consumption, with ‘only’ 34,440 glasses of Pimm’s supplied and 4,500 bottles of champers passed out.

There was however no data supplied on the servings of beer; it could be that the Henley socialites prefer a nice striped blazer of the amber nectar.


The longest of the events, with 14 days of drinking fun, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is the place to be in south west London during the first two weeks in July.

Centre court may not be the rowdiest of places, compared to a Saturday night at the local Hippodrome, but they sure do knock back a fair quantity of bevvies.

Pimm’s is by far the tipple of choice, with 320,000 glasses served.

Second favourite is a nice ale or lager, with 110,000 pints purchased, and followed by champagne with a mere 29,000 bottles bought.

Over 24 days of the countries finest sporting meets, a colossal 169,765 litres of Pimm’s, 136,951 litres of beer and 63,375 litres of champagne has passed the lips of attendees.

Patrons however, at Wimbledon at least, still feel that it is simply a by-product of the event itself, exclaiming that sport comes first over the idea of it just being a boozy social.

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